May 12, 2017

About iWiFiTravel

Experts in Mobile WiFi Hotspots

The team at iWiFiTravel consists of industry experts who created the Mobile WiFi Hotspot (MiFi*) product category and provided international travelers with roaming services.

Our team has traveled the globe and tried to stay connected using every form of connectivity from SIM cards which required unlocking phones, to Hotel WiFi which was slow and not secure, and realized that there is a better way – the personal Mobile WiFi Hotspot.

We still struggled with all of the options out there – from 3G only hotspots, to purchasing MegaBytes at prohibitively expensive rates, only to find the data would be used quickly or the data speed would be throttled.

All of these problems were solvable if the service provider would focus on the Quality of Service and commit to deliver an easy to use, high quality service to the customer.

We established our company to address the issues limiting travel connectivity to offer a complete, secure, high-speed, cost-saving solution through our global partnerships.